Clear Thinking

Clear Thinking helps you gain clarity, vitality and presence of mind, as well as self-awareness, productivity and contentment.

Clear Thinking was established in 2012 as a non-profit organisation, with the sole aim and purpose of helping people overcome suffering by introducing them to a life-saving tool, which is their ability to control their own mind.

The founder of Clear Thinking, Meredith Forder, believes that we all have the ability to keep our mind calm, focused and within our control. She says, “We just need to learn the techniques and put them into practice.”

Meredith offers consultations to help you keep your mind calm, focused and within your control.

Community Initiative

If you are interested in becoming more self aware, non-judgmental and spiritually connected, then Clear Thinking is offering Classes, as a community service, in Perth, Western Australia.

The focus is on gaining presence of mind, clarity, self-awareness, vitality and happiness. [...Read more…]

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