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Awareness“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” ~Denis Waitley

To achieve the ultimate happiness we need to gain higher values of life and living, which is what our Self Awareness Classes offer. Our classes help you quieten your mind so that you can experience the ultimate state of peace and contentment.

The classes are facilitated by Meredith Forder, who has studied Eastern philosophy in India for six years.

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What others are saying

“Since my first encounter with this class in 2008 I have made it my most important priority to drop what ever I am doing to attend. This is however effortless, because it is the most valuable hour in my entire week.  I leave the class feeling on top of the world—all my petty worries and anxieties fall away and I am refocused and clear on what I have to do.”

Jazz Bailey

“I came away from last week’s class wishing I had caught it all on video for everyone to see. I was enthralled at the stimulating conversation. The teacher, Meredith Forder, PACKED the class full of lessons that we can take away and use for a happy and inspiring life. Much like the Vedanta Treatise has QUALITY at every turn of the page, she too has that at every thought she shares. I can’t wait for the next class.”

Lee East

“To best sum up the benefit I have derived from this class is to plagiarise the lyrics from Amazing Grace, namely “I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.” What a relief, after decades of stumbling around in the dark, to finally understand the purpose of life. How liberating it has been to learn how to embrace life’s challenges with open arms and to love “what is” rather than constantly trying to swim against the tide.”

Fran Vanderloon

“This class is brilliant. It simply re-assures us that the intellect is the most powerful tool we have. I always come away feeling inspired and thinking about the next step I need to take to develop myself as a person. I have now been following/studying this knowledge for about 2 years and it has had a tremendous effect on my life. It has bought back my self confidence and I am now on the right track. Thank you Meredith for bringing this knowledge to all of us here in Perth.”

Mike Clark

Inspirational Story

Read this inspiring story of how one of our class members, Jasmin, who almost lost her life, attributes her mental strength to the knowledge gained by regularly the class. 

Jazz Bailey's Story


To join a Self Awareness Class please click here.

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About Meredith Forder

Meredith is a writer, speaker, Self awareness mentor and the founder of Clear Thinking. She spends her time helping people discover their purpose and realise their potential, so that they can live happy and fulfilled lives. For more information please visit:

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