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One of the greatest challenges that people face today is that they carry their family matters to work and their work issues home with them. 

While they are at work they are concerned about what’s happening at home and while they are at home they are worried about work. This causes a lot of anxiety and stress. It also causes loss of energy, efficiency and productivity.

To be effective at work, and to be able to spend more quality time with the ones you love, you need to develop clear thinking. Meredith Forder can teach you how.

“Meredith Forder has always impressed me with her exceptional knowledge, and her positive attitude to every project she undertakes, as a keynote speaker Meredith delivers a message that is crystal clear and really connects with her audience.

I have had the pleasure to have worked with and shared the stage with Meredith, and it is refreshing to deal with someone who is honest, courteous and a joy to work with.

I have referred Meredith with absolute confidence to many business associates. When you mention her name to those who have had dealings with her, they all respect her—a great endorsement.”
~John Ross (JR) Author

The following Learning and Development presentations can be tailored to suit your specifications:

How to Develop Clear Thinking

When it comes to making the right choices in life, mere intelligence will not guarantee the best result. This fact is exemplified by the problems of obesity, anxiety, depression and stress among highly intelligent people.

This presentation investigates how we can solve many of life’s problems by simply learning how to think clearly—how to keep your mind calm, focused and within your control. When we do, then we can reason things out, solve our problems and decide what actions we need to take. But when our mind is troubled, disturbed or distracted in any way, it is impossible to think, no matter how intelligent we are.

Discover Your On-Off Switch to Balance Business & Relationships

A common complaint that torments people everywhere, is that they carry their problems with them wherever they go. They don’t know how to switch off – they carry their family woes to work, or their work worries home. 

This presentation delivers the tools necessary to clip past worries and future anxieties and keep the mind focused on the present activity. In other words, when you’re at home you’re at home and when you’re at work you’re at work. This simple adjustment makes a huge difference to your peace of mind and performance.

Other Presentations include:
  • Stop Worrying & Start Living
  • Discover your Superpowers
  • Purpose & Realise your Potential
  • How to Have Better Relationships

This video is a brief extract from a talk given by Meredith at the University of Western Australia.

Clear thinking also offers private consultations where you will learn how to keep your mind calm, so that you can focus on what you are doing, without being distracted. This ability is a powerful tool in today’s fast paced, always on, distraction-full world.

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