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Editors note: I’m very pleased to publish this article by newlywed Jasmin Bailey (Dillon), who shares advice from one of the world’s greatest living masters, Swami Parthasarathy. We can all take these words of wisdom and apply them in our lives to become the people we are meant to be. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Jazz. 

Trekking through the Himalayas last year was one of the highlights of our Indian holiday. 

Another highlight was that Scott and I decided to become engaged and make our commitment to each other official. 

The third highlight was a visit to the Vedanta Academy, between Mumbai and Pune, where we learned spiritual values from the world famous Guru, Swami Parthasarathy.

These three experiences were life-changing for both of us.

Swami’s Advice

The ten days we spent at the Vedanta Academy were focused on gaining a clear understanding of what we should be doing with our lives.

We were inspired to take up higher values, strengthen our good qualities and learn skills to prepare us to face life’s challenges with ease.

Swamiji spoke to both of us privately. What he told us that day is the essence that keeps our relationship strong. It became the basis of our wedding vows and it is the inspiration that drives us, every day, to be the best people we can possibly be.

Swamiji first said to me, “Jasmin, each day you must put in maximum effort to improve and develop yourself to be a better person. Don’t worry about what Scott is doing wrong, or what you think he should be doing. Just put all your energy into correcting your own flaws.”

Then he turned to Scott and repeated exactly the same thing. “Scott, don’t focus on what Jasmin is doing. Just correct your own weaknesses. Everything else is secondary.”

He continued by saying, “If you both put in individual effort to be better people, together you will grow and become divine.” 

This has been the best advise we have ever had and it is the key to our love and our happiness.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Our good friend Meredith Forder, who spent six years studying at the Vedanta Academy, wrote us a very special love poem for our wedding called ONENESS. This poem is symbolic of the message that Swamiji taught us. Here is the poem:

“A wife must love her husband not for his own sake, but because Divinity lives in him.
A husband must love his wife not for her own sake, but because Divinity lives in her.
All people, animals and plants must be loved not for their own sake, but because Divinity lives in them.
Divinity must be realized. This is your mission in life.
Meditate upon It, and you will understand everything there is to know.
Divinity is the unity in the diversity of life. When Divinity is realized, then two become One.
May you both always be One.”

Whenever we are challenged by each other, or by anyone or anything at all, we draw on the wisdom of this poem. We rise above our differences and focus on the divinity that is the same in all of us.

Begin Your Life Changing Journey 

If you’re wanting to change your life for the better then both Scott and I would like to suggest a book called the Vedanta Treatise. And those people who live in Perth, Western Australia, we’d like to suggest attending a weekly Self Development Class.

I came across this class in 2008 and ever since I have made it a priority to attend every week. Scott started attending last year and has not looked back. We have both improved so much from attending this class.

Each week we leave the class feeling re-charged and refocused, ready to face the world and it’s challenges. The knowledge shared is the most powerful, life changing, motivating and energizing common sense that we have ever come across.

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