Resolutions We Need To Make To Be Happy

Happy 2014“Another fresh new year is here, another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear, to love and laugh and give! This bright new year is given me to live each day with zest; To daily grow and try to be my highest and my best!” ~William Arthur Ward

There is something strangely compelling about the change in calendar year that makes us stop and think about what we are doing and where we are going in life. It’s as if it grants us a clean slate, an opportunity to take stock, to start afresh and live anew.

January 1st just feels like the right time to bite the bullet and do those things we know will be good for us—to kick bad habits and start taking better care of ourselves.

Below is a list of ten resolutions that we could apply in our daily lives to bring about greater happiness and success. There’s no need to apply all of them, although the outcome will be better if you do.

When making resolutions or setting goals it’s important to remember that they must be realistic and within our capacity to achieve. Also, we should never expect immediate results. Change takes time and daily effort.

So if you’re ready to embrace change, then let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Be Purposeful—a worthy purpose brings peace of mind

Understand your purpose in life. What are you designed to do? This is really important because it sets your direction in life. Once this is established then all your thoughts and actions become purposeful—you become peaceful. Without direction you live an aimless life, like a small boat lost at sea.

2. Be Good—always follow your conscience

Conscience is your inner compass. It directs you to do what is right. When you do not heed your conscience you suffer knocks and shocks—things go for wrong for you.

3. Be Kind—see the good in others 

We develop kindness and compassion by understanding that everyone is fighting their own battles. When we realise this, we can learn to X-ray through the negative traits to see the good in others.  

4. Be Balanced—rise above your likes and dislikes

Life is full of ups and downs and we are affected by life’s changes and challenges because of our personal likes and dislikes. When others cater to our likes we feel happy, but when they do not we feel frustrated and distressed. 

Instead we must learn to rise above our likes and dislikes, so that we can be balanced both in pleasure and in pain.

5. Be Forgiving—no one is perfect!

Each one of us is helpless when it comes to being who we are—an imperfect individual. Of course we can change, but change takes time.

For now we must understand that when others do and say things that seem inappropriate, we should not take it personally. Instead, we should learn to forgive them. The alternative is to be angry!

6. Be Grateful—it’s the little things in life that mean so much!

We must learn to be grateful for what we have in lifefood on our table, family and friends, eyes to see, ears to hear, limbs to move about, a voice, beautiful emotions and the ability to think…

I’m reminded of my teacher’s words, “Have you paid your oxygen bill lately?”

7. Be Generous—the spirit of generosity lives within us all

When we are grateful for all that we have, then automatically we want to repay—we want to give, share and serve. Not unintelligently of course. Intelligent charity is what’s necessary in today’s world.

Be generous in thought, word and deed. This is the way to peace, prosperity and happiness.

8. Be Fearless—fearlessness is a result of generosity

Fear arises from a feeling of otherness—a sense that you are different from me. But when we identify with our fellow beings and feel a sense of unity, then fear diminishes.

A selfish person is always afraid of what will happen. It is only a selfless soul, a giver, who is fearless in the face of danger.

9. Be Present—this is the way to inner peace and happiness

We must learn not worry about the past or be anxious about the future. The past is complete, the future hasn’t happened yet. The only reality is NOW.

When we focus on what’s happening NOW, then we become peaceful and productive.

10. Be Yourself

Our true self is beyond our ego. Ego manifests as “me me me.” It disturbs your mind and causes anxiety and stress and, sooner or later, affects your health and wellbeing.

Our true self manifests as “we,” unity, selflessness, inner strength, peace, happiness and contentment. By simply being yourself you become peaceful, content and happy.

Thanks for reading. If you have found this article worthwhile please share it with your family and friends. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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