Mike Clark

Meredith's classes and workshops have been brilliant. I always come away feeling inspired and thinking about the next step I need to take to develop myself as a person. The knowledge I've gained has had a tremendous effect on my life. It has bought … [Read more...]

Jazz Bailey

This workshop is the highlight of my week. Every time I feel uplifted, motivated and refocused on my goals in life. I walk away with the answers of how to overcome life’s challenges, big and small. I learn how to deal with difficult people and … [Read more...]

Lee East

I came away from last week’s workshop wishing I had caught it all on video for everyone to see. Meredith PACKED it full of lessons that we can take away and use for a happy and inspiring life. I can’t wait for the next workshop. … [Read more...]

Peter Farris

Meredith’s workshops are a catalyst for developing and maintaining focus on the importance of developing the self within. Stimulating discussions with some humour create the right forum to ask those questions one may never ask or have the opportunity … [Read more...]

Anna Foster

Meredith’s classes and workshops are very inspiring and informative. They reaffirm that I need to put in more effort to achieve greater clarity and understanding. I come away feeling motivated and focused and find that I achieve more at home and at … [Read more...]

Rebecca Grinter

This workshop was very insightful and Meredith explained things in a passionate and easy to understand manner. … [Read more...]

Neil Armstrong

Very inspirational. Thank you. … [Read more...]

Marisa Broderick

Meredith’s delivery was very clear and the simple messages were very powerful. This knowledge will definitely clarify areas in my life I would like to enhance. … [Read more...]

Virginia Woodward

Meredith's presentation was delivered in an open and friendly manner. Thank you Meredith for your vitality and joy of what you believe in. … [Read more...]

Liam Flanagan

Informative, enlightening and very thought provoking. There is more to life and a most interesting journey lies ahead. … [Read more...]